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Botox Injections


When it seems like you find a new line or wrinkle every day, it’s time to think about how to turn back the clock with Botox®.

At Belle Aesthetics in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, also serving York, PA (17402) a team of experienced and highly trained injectors administer Botox treatment to temporarily reduce muscle movement under your skin and reduce your wrinkles.

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Botox Q&A

What is Botox?

Botox is an anti-wrinkle injectable that treats dynamic lines and wrinkles, those that develop because of repeated muscle movement and skin elasticity loss over time. Botox is derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum.

Although it’s the same source as botulism, when injected in very small amounts and meticulously positioned within facial wrinkles, Clostridium botulinum is amazingly beneficial. Botox relaxes the muscles that create lines and wrinkles over time, which forces the skin just above those muscles to relax and smooth out as well.

Where can Botox be injected?

There are several popular treatment areas for Botox, including:

Frown lines

Frown lines, medically called glabellar lines, are the two up-and-down lines between your eyebrows when you look angry or frown. This type of wrinkle is often the first sign that your skin is aging.

Forehead lines

Forehead lines are horizontal and they usually develop in the middle and upper forehead. Although forehead lines are most common in your 30s and beyond, they can also develop in younger men and women who have expressive faces or spend a lot of time in the sun.

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet is the common name for the groups of wrinkles appearing at your eye corners when you smile or laugh. As with other kinds of wrinkles, crow’s feet usually develop in your 30s or later, but could appear as soon as your early 20s.

Botox is sometimes also injected in other areas, depending on your particular needs and wishes. Talk to your Belle Aesthetics care provider to get personalized advice about the lines and wrinkles that concern you.

What is the recovery like after Botox?

There’s no downtime after Botox. You might have minor swelling and inflammation around the injection sites, but it typically resolves within hours. Your Belle Aesthetics specialist gives you aftercare guidelines, which generally include not lying flat and avoiding sun for the remainder of the day.

How long does Botox last?

After Botox takes effect, in as few as 24-48 hours, it usually lasts up to four months. After your first treatment, you’ll get a good idea of exactly how long it lasts for you and when you should plan retreatment.

Botox is a fast, painless way to turn back the clock, which is why it’s the most popular noninvasive injectable treatment in America. Use the online scheduler or call Belle Aesthetics to arrange your appointment now.

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